About Us


About ME.

I'm Kym, the crafter, maker, mother, friend who is always juggling a million different things. I have two beautiful daughters and a lovingly supportive husband who is always my biggest cheer leader to my next crazy idea.

I'm a Melbournian who loves coffee (with two kids who doesn't?!) I love champagne and chocolate (although I'm trying to cut down). I love trash TV (think Bachie, Shortland Street, NYC housewives) and I love, as I'm sure you can guess a little bit of sparkle.


I started SHEROCKSIT about a year ago but as part of another brand called THE LITTLE PARTY BAG which was an online gifting business for special occasions. It was where I first introduced my earrings to see if they would work. Would people like them? Would people buy them? If they did, maybe I could just focus on one thing, the thing I enjoyed the most and have a break from the super hectic online gifting life. It was getting a bit much to handle, whilst raising a young family and a corporate job. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could just make? At my own pace. And release collections when I could? It sounded good, really good.

So I took a break from it all, we went on a holiday (those were the days!). I thought about it, made lots and lots of beautiful earrings in the meantime and then I decided to retire THE LITTLE PARTY BAG and launch SHEROCKSIT, at my own pace, doing what I truely loved.


A huge thank-you to the amazing, strong, fun, kind and super supportive women that I have in my life and whom the collections are named after - Jo, Roshi, Zena, Sammy, Melissa, Liz, Sera, Alison, there are more gals in my life who also rock - so I'll have to make more earrings (!!!!) but ladies, you always have my back and are always cheering me on, wearing my earrings, buying my earrings, telling your friends about my earrings, I am so very grateful and love you all.